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Academic Committee & Experts

SAJOREC consists of more than 30 academic supervisors, all of whom are among the top active scientists in China and have rich experience in international cooperation. They will work with the African counterparts in capacity building, talents training and other areas of cooperation

Prof. Yaping ZHANG (Member of CAS)
  Vice-President of CAS
  Board Chair of SAJOREC

Dr. Peter RAVEN

  Scientific Adviser of SAJOREC

Prof. Deyuan HONG (Member of CAS)

  Honorary Chair of Academic Committee

Prof. Xiaoya CHEN (Member of CAS)

  Chair of Academic Committee

Prof. Le KANG (Member of CAS)

  Cochair of Academic Committee

Prof. Bojie FU (Member of CAS)

  Cochair of Academic Committee

Prof. Qingfeng WANG

  Director of SAJOREC-CAS

Prof. Xue YAN

  Executive Director of SAJOREC-CAS

Prof. Robert GITURU

  Director of SAJOREC-JKUAT